Children's Story

The Watch-thing

A short children's story by Andy Trigg A short story written for children and adults. An amusing tale of adventure, and a life or death mission. Sam finds a mysterious watch-thing, which looks like a watch, but has no hands or numbers on it. The watch-thing appears to have some mysterious purpose. Hopefully a good read to people of all ages but … [read more]


Creative Writing

The Test

A short story by Andy Trigg Written in the style of stories printed in women's magazines. A short tale about a woman testing her man's fidelity. Contains some slight adult language. … [read more]


Poetry Video

George The Poet – Blame Game ft Emmanuel Stanleys

Inspiring UK poet "George the poet" talking about his life experiences as a black man living in a rough area When I was 15 I thought I'd have to buy a gun But I was praying I wouldn't have to fire one.. … [read more]